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The world’s most dangerous cocktail

Posted in Life, Musing by Ian Cundell on 21 June, 2013

We never met, but became friends online, in the days before the Internet had spread all over the place and even the World Wide Web had still to be invented, bantering on CompuServe about TV shows – Red Dwarf, Northern Exposure – and SF generally. When I started having a hard time at work she was a friendly and warm confidante.

She met a new man and we would chat about that and it quickly became clear to me that he was a scumbag. I have no idea if it is a bloke thing, some sort of scumbagdar, but it was screamingly obvious. Then one day came a message that hinted – possibly more directly than intended – at violence.

“Get out,” I replied. “Get out now.”

Radio silence followed, the static of an inconvenient ocean. (more…)

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