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A splash of Ink (colour: Red)

Posted in Ace Writers, That which is cool by Ian Cundell on 11 February, 2013

When, a few years ago, I first heard a reading by Julie Mayhew  (at the behest of Jenny Barden if I recall correctly), it was screamingly obvious that here was a special talent. It wasn’t just the confident reading, born of her other life as an actress. There was (and is) a fearlessness in use of imagery, a boldness in following her lead (and deeply fractured) character’s thoughts to their conclusion and the audacity to realise that a tale of a fractured person needs telling in a fractured way.

And then there was the prose. It would be a cheat to pull out an extract, so next time you are in WH Smith or Waterstones just read the first page (The Recipe), let yourself be seduced then buy the damned book. It is marvellous.

Of course there was a lot more to do than deliver great writing. My chums Jenny Barden and Jonathan Pinnock, also tasted the joy of publication in the last year or so, and like them Julie understood the need for sheer hard graft and the iron will never to give up. As someone once said, “The harder I work the luckier I get”.

For reasons best known to themselves (probably a high fever), all three of the above were kind enough to include me in their acknowledgements. If I have been some small help in getting three hugely diverse tales into print, then that is wonderful, but it is quite extraordinarily gratifying to be acknowledged by people you admire and take inspiration from.

Now get out an buy the books.


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