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No time to reflect right now…

Posted in Music, That which is cool by Ian Cundell on 21 December, 2015

Ordinarily I would post something pensive and reflective at this time of year. I might yet, but in the mean time:


Below is the official video, and these are the places you can buy it:

• iTunes –
• Amazon –
• Google Play –
• 7 Digital –

The National Health Service at No 1 for Christmas. How bloody cool would that be?

Buy it, STREAM IT on Spotify (10 plays of at least 30 seconds = 1 purchase, and that is where Justin bloody B**ber is winning). And tell everybody you have ever met to do so too.

(Edit: to be fair to the Beibs, even he wants it at No 1. He is Canadian, so understands the value of universal health care)

Seriously. What are you waiting for?

Maddy’s still got it…

Posted in That which is cool by Ian Cundell on 24 December, 2014

…although the definitive version was by the Francis Bacon School Senior Girl’s Choir, 1978-9. But you had to be there…

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Earthrise: 45 years on. Exactly

Posted in That which is cool by Ian Cundell on 24 December, 2013

“Oh my God, look at that picture over there!”

250/f11 – nice work Hasselblad.

Go on. Admit it. You are awe-struck.

Ho! Ho! Ho? Heil! Heil! Heil! more like

Posted in Various meats by Ian Cundell on 20 December, 2013

Christmas approaches – indeed it starts earlier every year, such that before long we will face a year long Yule rule. And rule is the operative word, for we are held in thrall by a conspiracy of silence. The filthy truth about Santa Claus is hidden under a veneer of jollity but now it is time to expose the scandal: Santa is a fascist and has even tricked us into celebrating the fact. The evidence is damning.

It is hidden in the words of an ostensibly jolly song celebrating the imminent arrival of Santa, but make no bones about it, Santa Claus is Coming to Town is Santa’s Fascist manifesto, with codas designed to appeal to the most depraved in our society. Let’s look at the evidence.

You better watch out

Shameless, isn’t it?

You better not cry

The traditional appeal to Fascist ideas of strength is nailed early

Better not pout

Dissent is to be crushed

I’m telling you why

What happens to the Christmas message? No hint that we are in this together. I am telling you the score

Santa Claus is coming to town

Be afraid!

He’s making a list

His secret police is on the case…

And checking it twice;

…with traditional Fascist thoroughness

Gonna find out Who’s naughty and nice

In order to judge you

Santa Claus is coming to town

To rule you

He sees you when you’re sleeping

See how the Fascists appeal to the most base elements of our society? When are our children most vulnerable? Yes! When they sleep.

He knows when you’re awake

But even if you are alert, the Fascists know where you live!

He knows if you’ve been bad or good

Yeah! And we know what their idea of ‘good’ is don’t we? Put it this way, it will involve a white Christmas.

So be good for goodness sake!

Conform! Fit in! Be afraid to be different! March to the beat of the Fascist orthodoxy…

O! You better watch out!
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why

The rhetoric is endless!

Santa Claus is coming to town

To control you

Santa Claus is coming to town

To crush you under foot. Forever.

Now click here to learn the real reason Bruce Springsteen is called “The Boss”.

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Old chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Posted in Life, Musing, That which is cool by Ian Cundell on 17 December, 2013

Those who know me will – I suspect gladly – attest that I can be a little on the …um…caustic side.

One friend recently claimed to have seen through this ruse and come to the, frankly scurrilous, conclusion that I am at heart a romantic. I could, of course, fight back by noting that a cynic is simply a romantic who means it and, while that would be mildly amusing, I should probably concede that it’s a fair cop. Well, up to a point.

Let’s think about Christmas (enjoy the link tunes too). (more…)

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