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OK, Scotland – about England…

Posted in Musing by Ian Cundell on 11 September, 2014

Forget all the financial claims and counter-claims. They are all bollocks. Total bollocks – you can prove any scenario you want in the time-honoured tradition of lies, damn lies etc…

The only reason you need to vote ‘Yes’ is if you believe in your heart of hearts that Scotland should be independent. If you do, vote ‘Yes’. If you don’t vote ‘No’.

However, bear in mind one important point: I think, come negotiation time, it is very likely that Alex Salmond would rather take a bad deal than no deal (the alternative would be political suicide).

And I think the English will know that.

I think many voices will remind the English. very loudly, that the Acts of Union happened because Scotland had bankrupted itself. The catastrophically misconceived Darien Venture is something that will be wheeled out in front of us all.

Those voices will remind the English that the United Kingdom happened because England bailed out Scotland (and many English voices were opposed at the time) and there will be no hesitation in describing to us 300 years of chippy resentment for that aid, where England was cast as the imperial power, despite the Scottish Parliament passing its Act of Union (it was never a shotgun wedding). I am not describing my own views here – I am saying what will be deployed.

And this will be used to make it politically impossible for any English leader – whether Cameron or Miliband or anyone else – to do Scotland any favours.

I suspect the only acceptable position in England will be: “What happens in Scotland is none of our business – unless we have to pay for it, or underwrite it, and then we will call the shots”.

Theoretically I’m English, but I do not feel I having anything more (or less) in common with a Yorkshireman than I do with an Aberdonian. I suspect that many English feel much the same, but I can think of few more effective ways to bring the English together, to forge a warped English identity, than the chance to royally screw the Scots.

That is not an English identity I want any part of, but I think it is what would happen and I think we would all be losers.

But – to remove doubt on my own stance – I think the future of Scotland is a matter for the people of Scotland alone.

Do feel free to chip in...but be courteous when doing so. Ta.

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