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The sick and the dead: the barbarians are winning

Posted in Irritants, Life, Musing by Ian Cundell on 5 April, 2013

The Oxford English Dictionary defines A N Wilson as “A pustulant malignancy on the arsehole of journalism”, or at least it would if I was the editor. It would also define George Osborne as “a monstrous hypocrite for whom no low is too low to distract from his own economic illiteracy”.

The manner in which both have used the actions of Mick Philpott – a sociopath who would have acted in much the same way in any circumstance – to spew their own brand of bile is beyond sickening. It is scarcely surprising that it was The Paper That Thought Hitler Was Quite A Decent Chap Really that gave Wilson his platform, but for the second most senior politician in the land to latch onto it with such enthusiasm shows just how morally bankrupt British political discourse has become. This is what happens when people’s first question is not “What is right or wrong?”, but “What can I get away with in pursuit of my own ends?” It leads to the utterly appalling death of six children being used for ideological ends.

The British are often keen to bash America, but at least in the US the reaction to the Sandy Hook tragedy was focussed on the proximate cause – guns – not a wider social ideology (even allowing for the comparative centrality of guns to American life).

But what is more depressing is a UK media – including the BBC – that has taken the tactic at face value and, instead of exploring the ideological opportunism of this crude attempt at making the poor guilty by association, debates the specious drivel, thus endowing it with the patina of respectability.

For the first time in my adult life I am worried about the future of my country. The barbarians are winning.

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