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Posted in Musing, Various meats by Ian Cundell on 26 March, 2013

Interesting post from a friend’s son, and discussion with me playing the role of cantankerous git.

Owen Riddall

Boris Bashing – The Bike Crash Interview

Eddie Mair’s recent interview ( of Boris Johnson has caused quite a stir. It has been claimed that Johnson was ‘mauled’ and ‘monstered’ by his ‘splendid’ interviewer. And it is true that Mair had the mayor flustered, perhaps more so than we’ve ever seen him before. Normally so smooth under the fire of the press, Johnson seemed to break: he even asked to change subject on more than one occasion.

It is clear that Mair was able to overcome the Johnson charm, and that is an achievement in itself, of sorts, since not many have been able to do what he did. But what was the point?

Mair’s intention seems to have been to prove that Boris is a ‘nasty piece of work’. He provided three pieces of evidence to suggest malice in Boris’ character: firstly, that Boris fabricated a quote while working…

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