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Dear NotW Hacks (should any be passing)

Posted in Business, Musing by Ian Cundell on 9 July, 2011

I realise few of you were responsible for the despicable acts which have led to your job being sacrificed to save the Dissembling Red Head’s hide. For that I give you this much >< sympathy.

But you have spent the last part of your professional lives complicit in the demonising the poor, the disadvantaged, the unemployed, suggesting that it is easier to rely on benefits than to work. So look on the bright side: you are about to get an opportunity to find out for yourselves just how easy it is to get a free council house and tens of £1000s a year in benefit. Kick back and enjoy the free plasma TVs and XBox, the new car and home help.

Think of it as a great social experiment. Then take a long hard look in a mirror. Not the Daily one obviously – the one that will let you see yourself as others see you.

Because, as Bomber Harris (and also The Bible) once said: If you sow the wind you will reap the whirlwind.

And get back to us on the council house thing.


Do feel free to chip in...but be courteous when doing so. Ta.

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