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Posted in Musing by Ian Cundell on 16 May, 2006

Should any of you be looking for a new musical experience, may I recommend the Dave Matthews Band?

Huge in the US, but largely unknown over here, I’ve just got back from a superb solo acoustic gig by Matthews at Hammersmith Apollo. It was breathtaking. Intelligent and witty songwriting, great repartee (including skillfully defusing a fight kicked off by some idiot drunk) and capped by possibly the best Bob Dylan anecdote I’ve ever heard (just before a belting version of All Along The Watchtower, the only cover of the night).

Great live performer and highly recommended. A yank behind me flew 6,000 miles for the show. The yank with me flew a measley 3,000 miles.

Now hopefully my mate has blagged some tickets of Jools Holland later in the week….

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