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Posted in Musing by Ian Cundell on 27 April, 2006

Got up to 2×12, Resurrection Ship 2. It has taken a while partly because I got thrown by inadvertently missing an episode (due to the decidedly 1980s way my DVD player handles file names) and partly because…well because I quite often hesitate before moving on because I’m never quite sure whether the next ep will delight me or piss me off.

Final Cut was a case in point of the latter: terrible, hackneyed portrayal of the press and a hopelessly telegraphed twist in the tail (Lucy Lawless or not, it should have been the cameraman) – although one terrific exchange: Reporter – “Should I be scared?”; Way Cute Petty Officer: “I am”.

Fortunately what followed is a lot more interesting…well…mostly.

If my memory serves, in the original series Cain was a coward who ordered the Pegasus to run when Al Quaeda the Cyclons attacked (although I cheerfully admit it is the best part of 20 years since I’ve seen it so might be wrong). Anyway, that’s the baggage I had when Pegasus turned up.

Modern Cain is no physical coward, but she is at best morally bankrupt and at worst a psychopath and she is certainly not remotely interested in protecting the Colonies, the Fleet or the American Human Way of Life from the Cyclons: her goal is simply to protect her own hide and talk vainglorious nonsense about retaking the Colonies. Drawn just a tad broadly, but that tends to happen in telly when you only have the actor for a limited time.

Roslin sees through her but correctly judges that in a punch-up Galactica would probably lose. Much of the rest is a moderately interesting exploration of ends justifying the means, or not, capped with a truly splendid space battle (which gets as near to the Churchill Sinks The French Fleet Moment as I suspect we are going to get). I have no real problem with Potentially-More-Intersing-Than-Balthar’s-Head-Bug-Six offing Cain (so if they sacrifice Pegasus, a la original, it won’t be Cain leading) and I sincerely hope PMITBHB-Six replaces the said Head Bug, who was really starting to get on my tits. The population of Caprica City alone was given as 7 million. Don’t waste time asking me to give a fuck about 10,000 Al Queda husks.

Can we have a bit less of Retarded Starbuck please? I mean how could she not have been brought up to speed on Cain’s misdemenours and then she gives *that* eulogy. Unbelievable. For one so totally loyal to Big Bill, she really is easily led astray. It smacks of a character being squeezed into a plot element, rather than the plot being drawn around the character.

I wonder if Adama will try to round up the ones who massacred civilians. That could be interesting.

I’m guessing that if they want to keep Mary McDonnell in the cast they are going to have to find her a new body. That could be very interesting indeed – or truly terrible.

Nice to see battle fatigue (or whatever you want to call it) coming into play with Adama Junior. What was Way Cute Petty Officer doing listening? Hopefully just being the Bosses ear-to-the-ground and not a Al Quaeda sleeper Cylon, because that would be cheaper than a very cheap thing.

Speaking of Cylons:

Known: Six, Boomer, PR Guy, Ragnar Guy, Lucy, Caprica Doctor
Sadly, only one of them is really interesting and that thanks mainly to Grace Park’s terrific ability to switch moods in a blink.

Possible (sleeper or otherwise): Balthar; Mrs Tighe; Billy (just too damned nice); Any one of the Caprica resistance; Anybody Starbuck has slept with.

Possible future human-cylon hybrid: Boomer Jnr, natch; Roslin; Spawn of Starbuck (she did get Smokey to check out what the Cylons did to her didn’t she?).

I think Pegasus is the last of the major stories left over from the original series that hasn’t been touched on in some way. So whatever follows is Ron Moore’s own fault.

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  1. Ian Cundell said, on 28 April, 2006 at 12:54 am

    sincerely hope PMITBHB-Six replaces the said Head Bug,


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