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When iPod meets Birmingham screwdriver

Posted in Musing by Ian Cundell on 28 January, 2006

So anyway, the iPod that conked out the day after I bought some goodies for it. A day and a half of failing to get it to budge, hard drive borked good and proper. I’m looking at £150 bill for a fix (or, more likely a new one) since it is out of warranty.

With one last desperate Google – Googling like…well, like I’ve Googled quite often, but that’s not the point – reveals this site which, if nothing else , shows that replacing a drive is not that hard but also that the Toshiba parts are a tad pricey, even in the US.

But what’s this? Hidden in that site is a link to a page I suspect Apple would rather you didn’t know about. The key is Eddie’s Remy’s comment (about the 7th down) and all the replies.

I guess the Toshiba 1.8in HDs might just have a teeny weeny issue with getting stuck and a good sharp whack on the side (with the iPod turned off, of course) is a little bit of what the disc doctor ordered.

Now, I had to reformat my disc because I had previously tried to do so when something (the read/write head? I dunno. Any ideas?) was stuck, but for others it seems the machine just started working again. So, OK, Birmingham screwdriver is a bit of an exaggeration.

I realise that this may prove a transient fix and will will keep you posted, but for the 4th Gen B&W models, with the Tosh drives, it might just be a way to save a large repair bill/ shelling out for a new toy MP3 player.


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