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Holey potholes, Batman

Posted in Musing by Ian Cundell on 8 December, 2005

The roads around St Albans are a bit crap – well, a lot crap – mostly due to the breathtaking incompetence of Hertfordshire Highways. Trips to Woking and its environs make me mildy jealous.
Since ’tis the Season and all that, shopping trips are wider ranging. In practical terms this means the Big Tesco at Watford, or the Big Tesco at Hatfield and, in the case of Hatfield some B-Roady goodness to remind the driver of Herts Highway’s capicity to not repair a pothole.
You would think, therefore, that Herts would be mercifully free of the Lead Foot Brigade, but no. Now, there are some stunningly silly speed limits around the place (as in any other place, I suppose). But I have to say that the tendency of habitual speeders to blame anyone and everything but there own Lead Foot Syndrome for the fact that they just got a tug from Mr Plod has moved from being a midly entertaining raw material for satire to, well, tedious bollocks.
So shut up. If you don’t want a tug, don’t sodding speed. Then go here and click on the picture.


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