Vague ramblings

Crime and punishment

Posted in Musing by Ian Cundell on 9 April, 2005

OK. So this is going to make me sound a right old fart, but….
The other day I was in the local Co-op and overheard a conversation in which Mother A was lambasting Mother B for having the brass bound audacity to tell off Mother A’s mutant offspring loveable rogue. “I said: “It’s not your place to tell him off’,” she said (obviously this was behind Mother B’s back).
Now, when I was a kid if someone else’s Mum told me off, the last person I wanted to find out wass my mum.
Memo to modern parents: Your little lambywammykins is not an angel and, sometimes, a little street justice is both necessary and appropriate. Support it, don’t make it even harder to keep the little bastards under control.


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