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The (pot)hole story

Posted in Musing by Ian Cundell on 29 March, 2005

Kate and me both live in St Albans. Rob Harris, who will hopefully be making his debut post in the not-too-distant future, lives in Woking, Surrey. From time to time I have occasion to drive down to Rob’s neck of the woods. The two areas are fairly similar. Subtle differences in geomorphology mean that Surrey is significantly more wooded than Hertfordshire; there are some differences in the local vernacular architecture, but mostly they are two areas of mainly small towns and cities and a bunch of villages linked by single carriageway roads. So, apart from the extreme annoyance that is the Heathrow section of the M25, going from one place to the other offers few surprises.

Except that Surrey does not have Hertfordshire Highways. I know that might sound obvious, but you have to experience the breathtaking inability of HH to keep the roads of the county in anything like acceptable order to fully appreciate its significance. A few months back someone had her axle wrecked by a pothole and was told she was not eligible for compensation because fewer the 13 (that’s THIRTEEN) weeks had passed since the pothole was reported. Doesn’t that seem a long time to let an axle-wrecker fester?

Then, last Christmas, I was driving home on the A5 just past Redbourn. There was a fair bit of traffic about, so I had my lights dipped most of the time. I hit mainbeam on instinct and avoided running straight off the unlit road thanks to the joys of ABS and traction control. No functioning cat’s eyes. No reflectivity in what passed for white lines.

I was coming from my brother’s in Northants. May I suggest that Hertfordshire Highways takes a night time trip up there, to see what proper roads look like?

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  1. Kate Allan said, on 31 March, 2005 at 6:27 am

Do feel free to chip in...but be courteous when doing so. Ta.

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