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Erm…can’t recall where this came from

Posted in Life, Musing by Ian Cundell on 29 March, 2005

Rather than leave this blank I really ought to put something here, even though I joined principally to be able to contribute to other people’s journals.
My principle blogging type stuff goes on at Notes from a small city. It started when a couple of friends chewed over the notion that much – indeed most – commentary, policy and planning was developed with large urban interests in mind – that is, was from an entirely metropolitan outlook. We figured that a voice that wasn’t quite as embarrassing as the Countryside Alliance might be the order of the day.
Then Real Life got in the way, but now we’re trying to get it out of abeyance. As you can see we range from the big things to the (apparently) trivial. If you feel like pitching in drop me a line.


Do feel free to chip in...but be courteous when doing so. Ta.

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