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Water bore

Posted in Musing by Ian Cundell on 27 March, 2005

Bloody typical. You wait months for a post, then three come along at once.
So anyway: Three Valleys Water sticks a note through the door saying. “Your water will be off while we lay nice new plastic mains. Oh, by the way, your electrical earthing may no long work, but that’s not our problem, call your electricity supplier” (OK, so they may not have worded it quite like that).
Powergen: “Not our problem, guv. Talk to EDF.”
EDF (formerly 24-7): “Not ours. Talk to Powergen”.
So, in this post-privatisation age, what the sodding hell does one have to do to get someone to take responsibility for things?
Had I asked for the mains to be replaced it would, of course, have been a slam-dunk “my problem”. But I didn’t, so why is administration being delegated to me?
Rant over.


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