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Anti-social housing?

Posted in Musing by Ian Cundell on 17 September, 2004

At PMQs yesterday the MP for Eltham (I didn’t catch his name) asked a long question that amounted to “Will you let councils build more council houses?” the Prime Minister talked at some length, but never answered that question, which I suspect we can take as a ‘No”.

Meanwhile, the plots of land are still available to those who can afford them (no consent remember) and on various sites the council gets into a merry bait trying to get schemes through in a way that won’t cost them control of the council.

But that’s OK because there are still opportunities. Take, for example, a perfectly decent 1930s built semi-detached house.

Demolish it.

Build two detached houses with a gap of about 5 feet between them. After all, who need building or planning standards these days?

Measure the increase in value by being able to call them detached.

Good game, isn’t it?


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